Kate's Goodness Has Set Sail
November 23, 2015

It’s been nearly 3 weeks since we first set sail. As with any long voyage, it took us a while to get ready. Now, we are off to the races, filled with excitement and anticipation.

What’s awaiting us beyond the horizon? We are not exactly sure, but so far so good! Since launch, we’ve doubled our user base and added several dozen Goodness posts from around the world. We’ve expanded our community of contributors, adding hundreds of contacts and social media followers. One of our best writers entered the ranks of Goodness Editors, a great milestone for us and for him. Congrats, Nick!

What’s most important, we have heard from so many of you. In person, by phone, by mail and through social media, you’ve reached out to wish us luck and success on our journey. Your support and your words of encouragement mean a world to us!

From the entire Kate’s Goodness team and from me, a heartfelt thank you!